6: Teaching for Tolerance

Since 2004, the Oslo Coalition has sought, through its project on Teaching for Tolerance, to develop a global interdisciplinary network to contribute to the following up of the recommendations of the Final Document of The 2001 Madrid Consultative Conference on School Education in Relation to Freedom of Religion or Belief.

Demonstration for tolerance in Hague. Photograph: Jos van Zetten (Wikki commons)

Historically, the Oslo Coalition has published papers, and supported international and regional initiatives.  A great deal of Oslo Coalition's contribution has consisted of gathering and sorting teaching resources, and disseminating information on organisations and networks.

Current Focus:

Competence in tolerance and peacebuilding is a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Knowledge alone is insufficient. In 2013 the project is focusing on practical skills, including communication, active listening and intercultural skills. In cooperation with Percik, the Oslo Coalition is supporting the translation and development of materials and exercises tailored for an Indonesian target group. These materials will be used to create an Indonesian site on educationforpeace.com for the use of teachers and trainers wishing to focus on the development of skills.



Lena Larsen


  • Teaching for Tolerance in Muslim Majority societies (eds. Recep Kaymakcan and Oddbjørn Leirvik).
    The Istanbul Centre for Values Education in cooperation with the Oslo Coalition.
  • Intercultural Education and Religious Plurality(eds. Robert Jackson and Ursula McKenna). Oslo Coalition Occasional Papers 1, October 2005 (78pp).


  • Percik, Institute for Social Research, Democracy and Social Justice, Indonesia



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