Delegation from Viet Nam visits Oslo and joins conference in Lausanne

In the first week of June, three officers from the Ministry of Public Security and four lecturers from the Peoples Police Academy in Hanoi visited Oslo and Lausanne. This was a first step towards possibly developing an expert group in Investigative Interviewing in Viet Nam.

Meeting with colleagues in Oslo

In Oslo the delegation met with colleagues from Oslo Police District and the Norwegian Police University College, and visited the interviewing and arrest facilities in Oslo Police House at Grønlandsleiret.

This visit was connected to the training courses held in Viet Nam where the facilities and techniques were described, and gave the delegation the opportunity to observe how the Norwegian police have adjusted their facilities.

Conference in Lausanne

The second part of the trip was participation at the annual conference of the international Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG). Together with representatives from the Norwegian Police University College, the delegation travelled to Lausanne where the conference was held.

At the Conference, educators, researchers, and practitioners were gathered to present their own work and discuss challenges in the field of Investigative Interviewing. There were representatives from 18 different countries, representing a diversity of countries from Chile to Norway to USA and Viet Nam.

With the exception of 5 keynote speeches, the conference had parallel sessions on different areas of expertise, allowing the representatives to join in on sessions discussing their particular field of work or interest. Throughout the conference, there were also ample opportunities to meet and discuss with colleagues from across the world.

Expert group in Investigative Interviewing in Viet Nam?

For the Vietnamese delegation the conference was an introduction to the international network currently working on and with Investigative Interviewing.

The visit was also a first step towards possibly developing an expert Group in Investigative Interviewing within Viet Nam.


By Tori Kirkebo
Published June 11, 2014 10:36 AM