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Professor Emeritus - Examinations Office
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  • Lindholm, Tore (2016). Freedom of religion or belief as a human right, In Kjartan Koch Mikalsen; Erling Skjei & Audun Øfsti (ed.),  Modernity - Unity in Diversity? Essays in Honour of Helge Høibraaten.  Novus Forlag.  ISBN 978-82-7099-840-1.  Chapter.  s 237 - 257
  • Lindholm, Tore (2015). Freedom of religion or belief from a human rights perspective, In Hans Aage Gravaas; Christof Sauer; Tormod Engelsviken; Maqsood Kamil & Knud Jørgensen (ed.),  Freedom of Belief & Christian Mission.  Regnum Books.  ISBN 978-1-908355-86-7.  Chapter.  s 3 - 17
  • Lindholm, Tore (2012). Respektere religion eller vanære religion? FN-debattene om "combatting defamation of religion" i lys av menneskerettene til religions-, livssyns- og ytringsfrihet. Norsk tidsskrift for misjonsvitenskap.  ISSN 1504-6605.  (3-4), s 135- 150
  • Lindholm, Tore (2012). The Strasbourg Court dealing with Turkey and the human right to freedom of religion or belief: an assessment in light of Leyla Sahin v. Turkey, In W. Cole Durham (ed.),  Islam, Europe and emerging legal issues.  Ashgate.  ISBN 978-1-4094-3444-3.  Chapter 7.  s 147 - 168
  • Lindholm, Tore (2010). Hva er menneskerettigheter?, I: Halvor Stenstadvold (red.),  Georgs bok.  Pax Forlag.  ISBN 978-82-530-3339-6.  kapittel. Show summary

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  • Lindholm, Tore (ed.) (2012). Islam and Political-Cultural Europe. Ashgate Publishing.  ISBN 978-1-4094-5299-7.  286 s.
  • Durham, W. Cole, Jr.; Scharffs, Brett G. & Lindholm, Tore (2010). Law and Religion. National, International, and Comparative Perspectives. Wolters Kluwer.  ISBN 9780735584822.  618 s.

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  • Lindholm, Tore (2014). Magna Carta and religious freedom, In Daniel Barstow Magraw (ed.),  Magna Carta and the Rule of Law.  ABA Publishing.  ISBN 978-1-62722-697-4.  Chapter 8.  s 193 - 226
  • Lindholm, Tore (2014). Religionsfrihet som menneskerett. Religion og livssyn : Tidsskrift for religionslærerforeningen i Norge.  ISSN 0802-8214.  26(2), s 44- 48
  • Lindholm, Tore (2012). Religious Commitment and Social Integration: Are there Significant Links? A Pilot Study of Muslims in the Oslo Area with Family Background from Pakistan.

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