Elisabeth Perioli Bjørnstøl

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Phone +47 22842074
Visiting address Kristian August gate 17 Domus Juridica 7.etg 0164 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6706 St Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

Head of Equality and Non-discrimination at the International Department, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

-2007-present: Local Union Representative at the Faculty of Law for the Norwegian Association of Researchers (on break due to appointment abroad 2010-2015)

-2007-present: Member of the Faculty of Law Board of Appointments (on break due to appointment abroad 2010-2015)



Tags: Human Rights, Non-discrimination, Equality and Non-Discrimination, Equality NCHR


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  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2017). Human Rights Protection of Norwegian People with Disabilities. Presentation at conference on Human Rights Protection of People with Disabilities at Vreijie University.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2017). Menneskerettigheter i Kina. Presentasjon for Amnesty Norge.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2017). NCHR International Cooperation with the Oslo Police on Investigative Interviewing. Presentation at Symposium on Investigative Interviewing and technology.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2017, 10. april). Nordmenn lærer kinesere om alternativer til tortur. [Internett].  NRK.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2010). Kina og menneskerettigheter (China and Human Rights), Presentation to Folk og Forsvar.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2010). Kina og menneskerettigheter (Human Rights and China), presentation for Landinfo.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2010). Menneskerettigheter i Kina (Human Rights in China). Presentation at seminar on China at the Norwegian Ministry of Finance.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2010). Menneskerettighetssituasjonen i Kina (The Human Rights Situation in China), Presentation for the parliamentary group of the Norwegian Christian Democratic Party.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2009). Menneskerettigheter i Kina (2 timer). Forelesning for Foreningen Norge-Kina.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2009). Norwegian Human Rights Programmes in China, the CCPL Rights Talk, The University of Hong Kong.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2009). Utdanning i menneskerettigheter i Kina. Kina og vi.  ISSN 0806-9573.  2
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2008, 29. september). Søkelys på Kinas funksjonshemmede. [Internett].  Forskning.no.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2008). Å arbeide med menneskerettigheter i Kina.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2006). Human Rights in China: Academic approaches.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2006). Menneskerettigheter i Kina.
  • Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Perioli (2005). Human Rights Based Development Policies for Minorities.

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