The role of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Jurisprudential advances and new responses

A workshop organized by researchers focusing on the Inter-American Court of Human Rights with the support of the Norwegian Latin American Research Network and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights.

This workshop has three specific aims.

Firstly, it focuses on the identification and discussion of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ (IACtHR) valuable contribution to the field of International Human Rights Law, particularly in connection to new issues reaching this judicial body.

Secondly, aware of existence of negative reactions provoked by some IACtHR’s decisions in determined States, the workshop aims at identifying and analyzing specific factors determining or influencing such rejection.

Lastly, this workshop encourages the discussion of possible alternatives for solving those challenges.

Through a systematic view of these three aspects, the organizers of the workshop wish to contribute to a better understanding of the role of the IACtHR in the region.

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Proposal: 20 March, 2017

Notification of acceptance: 25 March, 1017

First Draft submission: 30 April, 2017


All submissions and inquiries should be sent to: Leiry Cornejo or Natalia Torres Zuniga

Please include your CV and current institutional affiliation.

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