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Professor Gentian Zyberi, director of the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, has recently published a book chapter on "The Shaping of the Notion of ‘Control’ in the Law on International Responsibility by Certain International and Regional Courts" in an edited book by Rogier Bartels, Jeroen C. van den Boogaard, Paul A. L. Ducheine, Eric Pouw, and Joop Voetelink, entitled "Military Operations and the Notion of Control Under International Law: Liber Amicorum Terry D. Gill". This chapter analyzes the use and the shaping of the notion of "control" through several landmark decisions issued by selected key international and regional courts. The book is published by TMC Asser Press through Springer.

This book is edited by Colleen Rohan together with NCHR Professor Gentian Zyberi. Written by leading international legal practitioners and scholars, the book combines the practice and theory of international criminal law in order to provide a first-hand perspective on the significant challenges involved in the administration of international criminal justice. Cambridge University Press, 2017.