Desember 2008

19.12.08: Disputas: M.A. Girmachew Alemu Aneme

18.12.08: Prøveforelesning: Peace support operations with and without a UN Security Council Mandate – a legal comparison

17.12.08: Democratisation and elections in Africa: Current trends and challenges. A seminar organised by the humanities and social sciences research group at NCHR together with NORDEM.

November 2008

27-28.11.08: Workshop on Legitimacy in Law, Political Science and Philosophy, Paris

26-27.11.2008: International Conference on the Right to Water and Sanitation in Theory and Practice, with the University of Oxford and UNDP

24.11.08: Verdenserklæringen 60 år.

19.11.08: Kl. 13:00-15.00, First Annual Lecture on Human Rights Developments by Professor Asbjørn Eide and
Nicola Colbran. Gamle festsal, Karl Johans Gate.

07.11.08: The European NI Communication Network Seminar 2008 (closed seminar for National HR institution communication officers)Oslo, Norway. Theme: How to get into the printed media - and how to stay there

10.11.08: Menneskerettighetsforum: Klagesaken til FNs menneskerettighetskomité i saken "Restauratør NN mot Norge"

10-14.11.08: Intensive Course on Justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Theory and Practice in Turku/Åbo, Finland. (Deadline for application is Sept. 15) 

September 2008

21.10.08: MR-forum om Rom-folket.

29-30.09.08: Expert Workshop on Discrimination and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, jointly hosted with the University of Manheim and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Institute in Berlin, Germany.

29.09.08: Experiment in Hybrid Justice - First Year of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal
Anees AHMED, the tribunal's Senior Assistant Prosecutor, speaks about the recent developments and the substantive and procedural issues likely to be raised before the tribunal.  

04.09.08: Biofuels, human rights and indigenous peoples

Juni 2008

23-24.06.08: Workshop: The Impact of Ratification

16-20.06.08: Human Rights: Normative Requirements and Institutional Constraints. A CSMN PhD Course in Oslo, Co-organized by Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN) and the NCHR.

18-19.06.08: Linguistic Rights of National Minorities Ten Years after the Oslo Recommendations and Beyond

18-20-06.08: Workshop: Human Rights: Normative Requirements and Institutional Constraints

12.06.08: Islamic Education in Indonesia: Political Currents, Democratic Possibilities and The New Veiling: Religious Modesty and Women's Rights in Post-Soeharto Indonesia
A joint seminar with Prof. Robert W. Hefner and Dr. Nancy Smith-Hefner.

12.06.08: Book launch: Minorities Autonomy and Development. Studies on Regional National Autonomy in China and
Review of Policy and Law on Linguistic Minorities in China


10.06.08: Boklansering: Multilevel Regulation and the EU: The interplay between Global, European and National normative processes

02.06.08: Knowing the number of dead and missing persons in armed conflict, with particular emphasis on the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. An international seminar organized in the series of the Forum for International Criminal Justice and Conflict1 by the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (University of Oslo), the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

Mai 2008

29.05.08: Workers' rights in China: Whose responsibility? Open seminar organised by our China Programme in cooperation with the Norwegian Network for Asia Studies

15.05.08: CAP Book Launch: Beijing-Oslo Recommendations. On the Protection of the Rights of Linguistic Minorities

15.05.08: Update! Continuity or change? Truth, Justice and Reparation in Colombia today. A seminar arranged by the NCHR and the Latin America Groups of Norway.

NEW TIME: 11:30 - 15:15. Due to the political situation in Colombia right now, changes have been made to the program. 

16.05.08: Governmental Innovation in China over the Last Three Decades. A lecture by Yu Keping

14.05.08: The changing nature of work in South Africa:
(Time 14:30 - 16:00, Fafo, Borggata 2 B, Oslo), Presenter: Jan Theron, University of Cape Town, Commentator: Line Eldring, Fafo, Facilitator, Malcolm Langford, NCHR (Jan Theron was the General Secretary of Food and Canning Workers Union (FCWU). between 1976 and 1986 and the first of the emergent trade unions to have a truly non-racial membership. After leading the merged Food and Allied Workers Union from 1986 to 1989, he has served as a legal advocate, researcher, labour commissioner and government advisor)

06.05.08: Menneskerettsforum: Kvinner og homofile i trossamfunn.

April 2008

29.04.08: Menneskerettighetsforum Høyesteretts avgjørelse i Dar-saken

30.04.08: SMRs Årbok 2007 presenteres.

15-16.04.08: Politikk og menneskerettigheter. Et kurs bl.a. for lærere i den videregående skole som skal undervise i det nye faget Politikk og menneskerettigheter.

Mars 2008

27.03.08: Menneskerettigheter i Kina: OL i Beijing og veien videre Et åpent seminar arrangert av Kinaprogrammet ved Norsk senter for menneskerettigheter (SMR) Invitasjon. Program.

26.03.08: The Torkel Opsahl memorial lecture 2008: Cherif Bassiouni :Realpolitik and the pursuit of international criminal justice. A perennial conflict?

Februar 2008

26.02.08: Menneskerettighetsforum: Høyesteretts avgjørelse i Tvedt-saken



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