Multiculturalism and Human Rights - a Symposium in honour of Tore Lindholm

Tore Lindholm, associate professor and one of the pillars of the NCHR community, has turned 70. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the man, the teacher and the scientist - with a symposium. The topic of the symposium - Multiculturalism and Human Rights – is among Tore’s core research interests. As in Tore’s research a main focus will be on freedom of religion or belief.

Tore Lindholm

The symposium will be in English, due to our foreign visitors at the symposium, Prof. Cole Durham and Prof. Hurst Hannum.

It consists of two main parts:

kl. 12.30:
Round table discussion on Multicultiralism and Identity Politics between Tore Lindholm and some distinguished friends and collegues: Prof. Bernt Hagtvet, Prof. Oddbjørn Lervik, Prof. Helge Høibraaten, PhD Lena Larsen, Prof. Cole Durham and Prof. Hurst Hannum.

kl. 14:00:

kl. 14.15:
Cole Durham lectures on the topic: Do we need freedom of religion or belief?
Comments by Hurst Hannum.

kl. 15.00:
Reception in the lobby at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights.

NB: Space is limited - "first come, first serve" - and one can participate throughout the symposium, or during parts of it!

We need an indication on number of participants, and ask you to return this enrolment asap.

The NCHR Thematic Working Group Human Rights and Diversity is in charge of the symposiom.

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