Group Autonomy and Its Critics:Human Rights Perspectives

The main objectives of the conference are to encourage

- interdisciplinary and international reflection and exchange on core human rights dilemmas pertaining to group autonomy

- publication of articles in a separate volume, or as individual papers in recognized journals

The conference aims to raise public awareness on human rights issues which are key concerns of researchers and programs at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights.

Main questions to be addressed

Human rights include rights to self-determination of indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, linguistic groups, and religious or life stance communities in various matters. They provide basis for limitations on group autonomy, e.g. out of concern for other human rights. The conference will address the following main question:

When, and why, do human rights allow for, or require, limits on group autonomy?

Cases and issues that may be addressed

There will be three thematic sessions:

  1. Nation-building and recognition of peoples’ rights: Core dilemmas of language policies and regional autonomy
  2. Are group autonomy rights bad for women and sexual minorities? Dilemmas and conflicts
  3. Manifestations of group commitments and practices in the public sphere

Full programme.

For more information, contact Ingvill Thorson Plesner or Maria Lundberg


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