Implementing Rule of Law in Development Co-operation: Does it work?

The concept of rule of law is subject to contending definitions and there is no one size fits all to the application of the rule of law. Building on the experience of key international partners, NORDEM and the International Country Programmes at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, will host a seminar aimed at identifying and exploring success factors as well as the failures of rule of law projects and approaches in development co-operation.

Seminar programme


The seminar will bring together practitioners, scholars, government and civil society representatives working in the field of rule of law and inquire into the practical manifestations of the rule of law concept in international development co-operation. The objective is to yet again shed light on the meaning of the Rule of Law concept, also theoretically, but even more with the aim of informing ongoing work within this field. The seminar will not shy away from the critique of RoL programming and activities, but it also seeks to contribute to the debate by identifying examples of activities and approaches to rule of law work that have had positive outcomes. During the seminar, invited rule of law experts and practitioners will present their views and experiences through lectures, interactive sessions as well as a panel discussion;

  • What are the key elements of best practices and successful implementation of rule of law?
  • What are the challenges and failures of rule of law projects in development co-operation?

NORDEM and the international country programmes; Vietnam, China, and Indonesia at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, perform a wide range of activities seeking to promoting the progression of democracy and developing the understanding and application of international human rights standards in close co-operation with state actors, academic institutions, civil society, and international organizations and agencies.

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