Midtveisevaluering for Isabel Borges

Ph.d-kandidat Isabel Borges presenterer sitt doktorgradsprosjekt 

Environmental Change and Human Rights: International and Regional Legal Dynamics for the Protection of Environmentally Displaced Persons 

Isabel Borges' egen beskrivelse av prosjektet: 

Over the past years the debate around environmental change and degradation has become a hot topic in the political agenda. As much as controversial the topic may be more and more an agreement within the public and private spheres that it represents one of the greatest political, social, economic, legal and cooperation challenges of our time.
This is due to its continuous impact, amongst others but especially, on human displacement. Today it is estimated that by 2050 the number of environmentally displaced persons (EDPs) will be between 50 and 200 million, either within their own countries or across the borders, on a permanent or temporary basis.
Though scientific uncertainty surrounds these numbers, in general, there will always be uncertainty surrounding the impacts of environmental issues. In this context, cross-border displacement stemming from environmental change has been identified as a “legal protection gap” in the international protection regime.

The present study aims at enriching the current discussion and narrowing the EDPs “legal protection gap”.
It strives for a better understanding of the human rights obligations of states towards EDPs. It further aims to create a clearer vision on how to approach the protection of cross border EDPs i.e. admission, stay and status and overall human rights obligations.
By drawing from the relevant legal international and regional legal texts, international case law and academic writings, the study aims to explain and systemize the legal obligations which are valid in the international legal sphere on the international protection of persons facing threats from the environment. Given the limitations of the current international protection framework (that has been traditionally geared towards the narrow class of those fleeing political persecution under the 1951 Refugee Convention), we ultimately survey the European regional legal framework in particular the system of complementary protection and its potential to protect EDPs.

Veileder: Mads Andenæs, Institutt for Privatrett/UiO.

Kommentator på midtveisevalueringen: Vikram Kolmannskog

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