Contemporary Debates in Legal and Political Thought

Convenors: Inga Bostad and Claudio Corradetti.

The seminar consists of eight meetings of the duration of 1 hour and ½ each. After an overall presentation of the author’s chapters by the conveners (15-20 min), the floor will be open to discussion. The goal of the seminars is to foster a critical debate and to provide participants with an overall understanding of the major topics in contemporary legal and political thought.

Selected key chapters will be distributed in advance to the mailing list.

28 November – Odin Lysaker

Hannah Arendt, “Postscript”, in Eichmann in Jerusalem, A Report on the Banality of Evil, Penguin Book, London, [1963] 1992, pp.280-298.

Other seminars in the series: 

Oct.17, 2014 - Simone de Beauvoir, Introduction to The Second Sex

Dec.12, 2014 - Seyla Benhabib, “Twilight of Sovereignty or the Emergence of Cosmopolitan Norms? Rethinking Citizenship in Volatile Times”

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