Seminars on Power-sharing - Conflict Resolution and Functioning States - part one

The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) has a project funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs entitled “Power-sharing - Conflict Resolution and Functioning States.” The project seeks to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical advice based experiences from a set of countries that either are experiencing conflict or are in the process of making a peace agreement work.

NCHR now invites to two seminars on 24 and 26 February 2014 that will present preliminary findings from some of the case studies that are part of the project. The seminars will compare different cases and point to experiences of a more general character, and discuss what practical advice may be given to resolve different conflicts based on the specific context of the country in question.

The first seminar on 24 February will cover the Philippines, Myanmar and Nepal.

The second seminar on 26 February will cover Burundi and Ethiopia.

Both seminars will take place in the Seminar Room, lower ground floor, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (Cort Adelers gate 30).

Publisert 10. feb. 2014 11:33 - Sist endret 13. feb. 2014 11:10