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I am a US citizen permanently residing in Norway. Before marrying a Norwegian and moving to Oslo, I was a practicing attorney in the USA.

Professional Experience

  • Attorney at law as a sole proprietor in New London County, Connecticut, USA and surrounding federal districts. Most cases were criminal defense on appeal and civil rights litigation, but of course areas of general practice are also necessary to fund a salary.
  • Prior to opening my own law practice, I worked as an associate in a local general practice law firm and in the Office of the Public Defender at the Connecticut General Area 10 Court House.
  • For one legislative session, I worked in the office of the Counsel to the Governor of the State of Connecticut during the administration of Governor Lowell P. Weiker (ACP),
  • For one legislative session, worked in the office of the state senator for the Connecticut 19th District, Kenneth Przybysz.


  • Ph.D. in International Human Rights Law in Oslo, Norway (completion date: summer 2011)
  • Juris Doctorate (three-year professional law degree) in Massachusetts, USA
  • Masters degree in 'The Theory and Practice of Human Rights' in Oslo, Norway
  • Masters degree in 'International Relations & Diplomacy' in London, UK
  • Bachelors degree in 'History' and in 'Business Adminstration' in Massachusetts, USA

Undervisnings- og veiledningsområder


Courses at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law within which I regularly teach:

  • International Human Rights Law: Institutions and Procedures
  • International Human Rights Law: Substantive Rights
  • International Human Rights Law: Leading Cases
  • Couter-terrorism and Human Rights
  • English for Lawyers

Examination and Assignment Grading

I grade oral and written examinations, in addition to masters theses and other assignments. In this capacity, I have worked with the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen Law Faculties.

Thesis Advisor

I have advisor responsibilties at the University of Oslo for the following types of students and welcome requests for advising within my areas of competence:

  • Students in the M.Phil. program in the 'Theory and Practice of Human Rights'
  • Students in the LL.M. program in 'Public International Law'
  • Students taking their five-year professional law degree in order to practice Norwegian law

As an advisor, I offer personal and accessible assistance with your project. My approach to a thesis is that it be focused, it should be on a topic in which you are personally interested (and hopefully full of passion), it says something that is worth reading by a target audience, and it is an independent addition to scholarly dialogue.

If you wish to apply for my advisorship, please send me an e-mail.

Faglige kompetanseområder

  • International institutions and procedures (especially the Human Rights Committee, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council)
  • The relationship between international law and domestic law
  • The concept of international human rights (particularly from a legal perspective, but also in comparison to a moral perspective)
  • Counter-terrorism and human rights
  • Poverty and human rights
  • The right to development
  • USA civil rights law (especially Section 1983 litigation)
  • Appellate briefing and oral argumentation
  • The history of human rights (with a special interest in Bartolomé de Las Casas, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy)
  • International legal methodology
  • The right to education
  • The freedom of expression
  • The right to a fair trial
  • The right to privacy and family life

Pågående og planlagte forskningsprosjekter ved Norsk senter for menneskerettigheter

Ph.D. project on the nexus between poverty and human rights from an international legal perspective. The working title is The Legalities of Poverty: Is Poverty a Violation of International Human Rights Law? Expected completion date is summer 2011.

Research thus far has indicated that the concept of poverty is well-covered by already existing human rights legal obligations at the domestic level, meaning that the use of the word 'poverty' as a human rights violation is redundant at the domestic level because the individual elements of poverty (food, shelter, work, education, participation, etc.) are undoubtedly human rights violations by a state. This is the case whether a state has failed to eradicate the elements of poverty (a failure of protect and fulfilling) or has caused poverty itself (a failure to respect).

On the other hand, the concept of poverty as a human rights legal obligation is value-added at the international level. While it may be settled law that states have numerous obligations domestically, obligations across borders to people in other countries remains disputed. By conceptualizing a global freedom from poverty, it does seem likely that existing legal norms protect all individuals in all countries from actions and policies by any country that may create poverty, even as a side effect to actions with another purpose.

The Ph.D. dissertation analyzes these issues with great detail from a legal perspective, while also drawing parallels to ethical obligations and the relationship between law and ethics.

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