Ludovica Chiussi


  • Chiussi, Ludovica (2019). The Role of International Investment Law in the Business and Human Rights Legal Process. International Community Law Review.  ISSN 1871-9740.  21(1)
  • Chiussi, Ludovica (2018). Corporate Human Rights Compliance and Disinvestment. Lessons from the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, In Angelica Bonfanti (ed.),  Business and Human Rights in Europe. International Law Challenges.  Routledge.  ISBN 9781138484672.  13.
  • Chiussi, Ludovica (2018). Remarks on the Ilc Work on the Identification of Customary Law and Human Rights: Curbing "Droit de L'hommisme"?. Italian Yearbook of International Law.  ISSN 0391-5107.  27(1)
  • Chiussi, Ludovica (2016). The UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development: Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk?. La Comunitá Internazionale.  ISSN 0010-5066.  (1), s 49- 70

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