Fritt Ord Student Stipend on human rights, the right to free speech, and/or democracy

Do you plan to present a Masters thesis on human rights, the right to free speech, and/or democracy in the Fall semester 2021 or Spring semester of 2022? A maximum of ten student scholarships of NOK 30 000,- are available.

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Who may apply

You are eligible to apply if you are student:

  • who will work on a Masters thesis of 30 or more "study points"/ECTS;
  • and the thesis is a part of a Masters programme of 120 or more "study points"/ECTS on the topic of human rights, the right to free speech and/or democracy;
  • plan to deliver your thesis starting on 1 December or later in the fall semester 2021, or in the spring semester 2022.
  • and are affiliated with one of these institutions:
    • The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo;
    • The Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo;
    • The Faculty of Law, University of Bergen;
    • The Faculty of Law, The Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø). 


The application must contain these elements, and these only:

  • A brief application / letter of interest. Please state when you will deliver your thesis. Only applicants who deliver on 1 December 2021 or later in the fall semester or in the spring semester 2022 may apply.  
  • A dissertation proposal of no more than 1000 words maximum (including bibliography).
    • The project proposal must contain a working title describing the topic of the planned thesis and a clear and specific description of the research question, theory and methods.
    • Does the project proposal include plans that entail extra expenses for the student, such as field work? If so, it must be explained why these plans are necessary for answering the research question and their cost outlined in a brief budget.
  • A bibliography (short reference to relevant research literature).
  • A description of any other financial support (scholarships and similar) you may have received for the project.

The application should be sent via e-mail: with "application-fritt-ord" in the subject field. Please only attachments in PDF-format.

Scanned copies of relevant certificates and transcripts of records may be attached. A supervisor’s recommendation may count positively. Original documents must be provided on demand. 

Application deadline

  • Application deadline: 5 November, 2021.
  • We intend to assess the applications and conclude the process before December.

Further on the scholarships and the process

  • The scholarship is financed by Fritt Ord, and it is a condition for this announcement that Fritt Ord approve the grants and projects.
  • Applicants granted with a scholarship must send a copy of the thesis after graduation via email:
  • Applicants may be called for a brief interview.
  • Each applicant will receive an answer in writing after the evaluation committee has completed their work.
  • Documents submitted with the application will not be returned. 
  • Questions are answered only via email to
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