Project description

About the project

Over recent years, a lot of effort has been devoted to preserving the earth for future generation. Despite some promising results, the urgency of avoiding harm to the environment requires further actions to change the unsustainable production and consumption patterns. This project attempts to advance in this direction, by improving the firm’s capacity to manage and control the harm done to the natural environment through its processes, products and business activities in general. It also contributes to the development of tools to make understandable and reliable the environmental information about the products for consumers.

This project focuses on the wearing apparel industry, which is considered one of the most polluting industries in the world. The aim of the project is to design a model for identifying and assessing the environmental impacts of a particular sector, the wearing apparel sector. The goal is to through that to contribute to a better integration of environmental concerns into the decision-making in companies in this sector.


To contribute to academic scholarship and increased knowledge for policy makers and practitioners through publications in international journals and further dissemination of the results of the research project at international conferences and stakeholder forums.


An eco-friendly project

This project will endeavour to be an eco-friendly project in itself.

The number of meetings in Spain and in Oslo with team members from the other country will be sought limited to a minimum, with electronic discussion and video conferences used where appropriate. All team members that live close enough to do so, are encouraged to travel in an environmentally-friendly way.


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