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The Research Group is always interested in discussing new projects, and interested researchers are encouraged to contact the leader of the Group, Professor Beate Sjåfjell.

Externally-financed research projects hosted by the Research group

  • Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models (Futuring Nordics)  
    Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models is a joint interdisiplinary three years (2019-2021) research group of the Department of Private Law and the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. Futuring Nordics is a part of the University of Oslo UiO:Nordic initiative, working in collaboration with ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World) Nordic research hub. The leader of the project is Professor Jukka Mähönen from the Department of Private Law and deputy leaders Associate Professor Maja van der Velden from the Department of Informatics and Professor Beate Sjåfjell from the Department of Private Law. 

  • Central banks expanding role in financial markets
    In the aftermath of the outbreak of the Global Financial Crisis in 2007 and again today in response to the covid-19 pandemic, we see that central banks have gained an expanding role in economic crisis management. This research project will examine how domestic and international law, public and private, both facilitate and limit central banks’ expanding role. The project is a collaboration between the faculty of law at the University of Oslo and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. The leader of the project is Professor Mads Andenæs.

Other research projects involving members of Sustainability Law

  • EMPOWER: Sustainable Batteries in Mobility - (Em)powering a Net-zero Engergy Transition

    EMPOWER is an UiO:Energy Convergence Environments  aimed at developing an encompassing long-term strategy on sustainable batteries.  The projects runs from 2022-2026 and comprises 6 interconnected work packages. By answering its overarching research question: How can EV batteries EMPOWER the transition to a net-zero energy system in Norway?, EMPOWER will develop an encompassing long-term strategy towards sustainable EV batteries. Funded by UiO-Energy. Project leader is Marianne Zeyringer (Department of Technology Systems) and leader of work package 4 (A legal framework for sustainable batteries in mobility) is Eléonore Maitre-Ekern. Other member from our Research group is Beate Sjåfjell.

  • Circular Energy for a Sustainable Circular Economy (Circular Energy)
    Circular Energy is a thematic research group (2021 - 2023) that aims to contribute to new knowledge about social and legal aspects of sustainable energy solutions in relation to the expanding role of digital products and services in our economy. The research group will explore digitalisation in the context of the shift to Circular Economy (CE), with a particular focus on design, maintenance, and repair as energy conservation strategies and the regulation of products for sustainability.  Funded by UiO:Energy. Project leader is Professor Maja van der Velden (Department of Informatics). Members from our Research group is; Beate SjåfjellEléonore Maitre-Ekern and Kirsten Daae Wiig.


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