European Law Seminar 2010 - European Law Post-Lisbon

The European Law Network organises an annual European Law Seminar, a full day with speakers from the Network’s membership and further afield, and normally in English.

We are very proud of the programme we present in collaboration with the Norwegian Association of Legal Philosophy and the Norwegian Association of European Law.

The seminar European Law Post-Lisbon will address major legal issues of the Lisbon Treaty.

See the programme with short presentation of the speakers.

See the speakers' abstracts and outlines (papers will be posted as they are made available - also after the conference):

  • Professor Christoph Vedder: "The New European Union. Constituent Structures without a Constitution."
  • Professor Joxerramon Bengoetxea: "A Theory of Rights in EU Law"
    Abstract - Outline
  • Professor Hjalte Rasmussen: "Will the Rule of Law Eclipse the Rule of Integration? Private Plaintiffs' Standing in Direct Annulment Actions Revisited"
    Abstract - Outline
  • Dr. Christian Franklin: The Burgeoning Principle of Consistency in EU Law"
    Abstract - Outline 
  • Dr. Christoffer C. Eriksen and Research Fellow Jørgen Stubberud: "Fundamental Rights Post Lisbon"
  • Dr. Beate Sjåfjell: "Taking Article 11 TFEU Seriously: The Legal Implications for the EU and its Memeber States"
    Abstract - Outline


The seminar is open for all but please register for catering arrangements etc, using our form no later than 25 August.


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