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Submission and printing

You can apply for adjudication of the thesis after you have completed the educational component and it has been approved. The academic environment will propose an adjudication committee, which will be appointed by the faculty.

The thesis must be approved for public defence before it can be printed.

Submission of the thesis

When the educational component has been completed and approved, you can submit your thesis to Katrine Hoel Paulsen at the faculty's Administration Section, together with an application for adjudication for the degree of PhD. Your application can be submitted on paper or electronically.

The application must contain the following information:

  • a declaration stating whether the doctoral work is being submitted for the first or second time

  • a declaration stating that the doctoral thesis has not been submitted for adjudication to any other institution

  • a word count for the thesis (or a declaration that it does not contain more than 200 000 words)

  • the names of the supervisors

The application must also include:

  • confirmation that the training component has been approved

  • 4 bound copies of the thesis

  • an electronic version of the thesis

  • any co-author declarations

Notification of submission

Please notify your department and the faculty when you plan to deliver. This way they can begin planning the adjudication committee, and avoid unnecessary delays.

Submitting a revised thesis?

If you have been granted permission to submit a version of the thesis that has had a minor revision under section 14.2 of the Regulations, follow the same procedure as described above. You must also send a cover letter to the adjudication committee marked "Submission of revised thesis", where you provide a brief account of the changes made.


If your thesis was rejected the first time and you are resubmitting, you must follow the same submission procedure as for initial submission. Remember to state that you are resubmitting. If you have submitted the thesis to a different educational institution in the past, you must state the name of the institution.

What happens after you submit?

  • The adjudication committee is appointed by the faculty. You will be informed of who will perform this task, and have a one-week deadline to submit any remarks regarding the composition of the committee.

  • The committee will have about 3 months to present its adjudication of the thesis. When the adjudication is complete, you may submit written remarks to it. If you do not have any remarks, you should notify the administration, so that the adjudication can be further processed. The Dean will approve the committee's recommendation.

  • After you have submitted and concluded all work with the thesis, you may be entitled to unemployment benefit from Nav (in Norwegian) for the period leading up to the two weeks before you give the trial lecture.

Can a thesis be withdrawn

A PhD thesis that has been submitted cannot be withdrawn before a final decision is made as to whether it is eligible for defence.

Correction of formal errors in the thesis

You can apply to correct formal errors in the thesis, such as the layout, printing errors and/or linguistic errors after you have submitted your thesis. The application must also contain a full list of the errors you want to correct; a list of errata. The application must be sent to the faculty 6 weeks before the public defence of the thesis. If you apply to make changes that the faculty or the adjudication committee seem to be substantial, the change will not be approved.


You will print the thesis when the adjudication committee has submitted a positive recommendation for your thesis. At present, the faculty has an agreement with the publisher Reprosentralen, and you must contact the publisher directly. The department will give you a requisition form. Read more about printing the thesis


Rejection of an application for adjudication of a doctoral thesis or a decision to reject a doctoral thesis, trial lecture or public defence may be appealed pursuant to section 28 et seq. of the Public Administration Act. Substantiated appeals must be sent to the faculty. Also see section 22.3 of the PhD Regulations (in Norwegian).

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