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Printing the thesis

The faculty must normally receive the printed thesis 2 weeks before the public defence so that it can be made public and sent to the library.


You will print the thesis when the adjudication committee has submitted a positive recommendation for your thesis. At present, the faculty has an agreement with Reprosentralen

Delivery time

The normal delivery time is 6–8 working days, but delivery can take longer during busy periods. You should notify the publisher in advance about when the thesis will be delivered for printing, so that they can set aside time.

Publication series

A thesis is printed as part of a publication series, which is not considered ordinary publication, but a reprint, and is therefore not regarded as an academic publication.

Number of copies

At least 50 copies must be printed. These are for the National Library of Norway, the committee, the academic environment, and for distribution to those in attendance at the public defence.

Several departments print extra copies immediately. If you want to print more copies after the public defence, contact Akademika forlag. They keep an electronic copy of the thesis in their archives for 10 years.


DUO is the University of Oslo's research archive, and is openly accessible on the internet. If you do not plan to adapt your thesis in order to publish it as a book, you should publish it in DUO.

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