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Public defence and trial lecture

The doctoral examination for the PhD degree consists of a trial lecture on an assigned topic and a public defence (disputation) of the thesis. A member of the dean’s office normally heads the doctoral examination.

Trial lecture

At the trial lecture you must show that you are able to acquire new information and convey it in one lecture session. The title of the trial lecture will be determined by the adjudication committee, and will be notified to you 10 working days before the lecture.

Procedure for the trial lecture

The trial lecture is normally held the same day as the public defence. The person chairing the trial lecture will welcome everyone to the lecture and introduce you as a candidate. The adjudication committee will attend in order to assess whether you have passed the trial lecture.

Disputation (public defence of the thesis)

A disputation is an open event where you as the candidate (doctoral candidate) publicly present and defend your completed doctoral thesis to two critical opponents from the expert adjudication Committee. The disputation is normally held two months after a positive assessment of the thesis.

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