Debate: Can Law save the Climate?

A public debate on the usefulness of and obstacles to regulatory and other legal approaches to climate change.

The debate is organized by Associate Professor Christina Voigt (Department of Public and  International Law)

  • Anne Therese Gullberg: Senior Research Fellow
  • Jon Hovi: Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Bård Lahn
    He has for the past four years been involved with the UN climate change negotiations on behalf of Norwegian NGOs. Prior to this he worked on Norwegian climate and energy policy in  Natur og Ungdom. He serves on the board of the Sophie Prize and the Development Fund.
  • Geir Ulfstein: Professor, Department of Public and International Law

The debate was held on September 4th 2012 in Gamle festsal at Domus Academica, University of Oslo.

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