Company and Parternship Law

Company Law is an exciting subject interacting with tax, accounting, insolvency, labour law, financial market regulation and a wide range of further fields of regulation as well as core disciplines such as contracts and torts. Research at the Faculty covers small and large enterprises, both Norwegian and transnational, comparative company law, EU company law, and the impact of international environmental and human rights standards.

The Research Group on Companies

Research collaboration over the boundaries that divide the departments of the Law Faculty takes place in the context of the dynamic research group Companies, Markets, Sustainability. Members of the Research Group undertake research covering much of the discipline, and include private international law, public international law, and EU and ECHR law in their work. 


The Research Group on Companies has extensive cooperation with corporate lawyers in private practice or in-house positions, and in Government service. One venue for this is regular lunches where academics and practitioners meet, and a mailing list which you may join here.


Company law is taught as an obligatory part of the third year of the law course. Professor Margrethe Buskerud Christoffersen is responsible for this. Advanced company law is also an elective subject in the fifth year and Professor Beate Sjåfjell is responsible here.

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