Project plan

Period(months) Project management 1. Encryption policy 2. Cybercrime 3. International Organisations 4. Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Initial phase (1-6) Detailed project plan Detailed research design for respective prongs
  • Problem analysis; methodological choices in interdisciplinary legal research
  • Literature review; initial data collection
Phase I: (7-18) First symposium Mapping and description of legal requirements for encryption and technical capabilities Mapping of cybercrimechallenges and existing cybercrime law Mapping of international organizations and their respective roles and policy initiatives in the field of security Mapping of PETsand legal requirements
Phase II: (19-30) Second symposium Analysis of encryption policy and tech. context Analysis of cybercrime laws in light of challenges Analysis of Internet security policy advanced by organizations Analysis of the role of PETs in ensuring privacy
Phase III: (31-42) Third symposium Normative analysis:Ought encryption policy be updated? Normative analysis:How should cybercrime law address current and future challenges? Normative analysis: What roles ought international organizations play in Internet security? Normative analysis: What roles ought PETs play in ensuring privacy?
Final Phase: (43-48) Final conference Dissemination of results:
  • Finalization of PhD theses;
  • Proposals for regulatory reform, if any
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