Thomas Duke Labik Amanquandor

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Visiting address Kristian Augusts gate 17 Domus Juridica 8.etg 0164 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo

Academic interests

  • Anti-corruption studies
  • Ethnography and Netnography
  • Norms
  • African studies

Thomas D. Labik Amanquandor's doctoral research focuses on South Africa’s new anti-corruption strategy 2020-2030. His research, through ethnographic methods, aims to uncover how the nexus between formal and informal social norms within local government institutions hinder and/or contribute to the implementation of this anti-corruption strategy within two municipalities/districts in South Africa.


Labik Amanquandor holds a 2-year Diploma in Integrated Community Development (Distinction) and a 3-year Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Development Studies (First class honours) both from the University for Development Studies, Tamale-Ghana. Due to his academic excellence and contributions to sustainable community development, he won Ghana’s Overall Best Student Award in 2018. He subsequently obtained a Master of Science in Sociology of Law from Lund University in Sweden (2018-2020). In June 2020, he was selected as one of three outstanding African students for the University of Oxford’s Eni Scholarship to pursue a Master of Science in African Studies, which he subsequently completed in June 2021. 

He is enthusiastic about policy-oriented research and practice in sustainable development and the United Nations Agenda 2030. Consequently, he has worked in peacebuilding projects related to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16.1 with several non-governmental organisations, including the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) in South Korea, West Africa Peace Ambassadors Network and the African Centre for Justice and Human Rights. He also co-founded and led the planning, design, and implementation of “Project Uncomfortable Conversation” on racial insensitivity from July to September 2020 in Helsingborg (funded by Visionfonden).

He has worked within anti-corruption research projects relating to SDG 16.2 at Lund University (The role of Social Norms in Fighting Corruption in Local Governments, financed by the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy) and Halmstad University (The Multilevel Orders of Corruption: Insights from a Post-Soviet Context, funded by the Swedish Research Council).

He is also an upcoming novelist with his debut historical fiction novel titled The Half Moon set to be published and released in August 2022.



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