Health promoting prisons

An interdisciplinary study of health and welfare in Norwegian prisons.

Trondheim prison, Leira. Photo: Pernille Nyvoll.

About the project

The term "health" is often used in a rather simplified way, meaning an “absence of diseases”. The focus on health has often been limited to treating illness and avoiding the spread of infection. This project has a much broader understanding of health, and looks at both the physical, mental and social health in prison.

The project looks at how prison as an arena affects the health of everyone who are in prison. This includes inmates as well as employees. The project will hopefully contribute with knowledge on what we need to do more of in order to achieve better health conditions in prison, so that inmates can achieve a better rehabilitation. 


Most of the data has been collected in Norwegian low-security prisons, as it is expected to find more factors that can contribute to a positive health. Shorter fieldwork have also been carried out in Norwegian high-security prisons. The project has had an open approach to the topic during the data collection since health can be affected by pretty much everything.

Project period

The project will run for four years starting in 2020.


The project is part of the research project "PRISONHEALTH".

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PhD candidate Pernille Nyvoll. Photo: UiO
Published Apr. 12, 2022 1:47 PM - Last modified May 18, 2022 6:10 PM