Juridification in Society

"Juridification in Society" examines the consequences of that our society is increasingly governed by rules and regulations.

Krogh: The struggle for existence

About the project

'Juridification' and 'legal governance' is the main focus in this project. The theoretical frameworks in "Juridification in society" relies heavily on the recent literature in sociology of law on juridification and legal governance, as well as literature on internationalisation and the globalization of law. 

"Juridification in Society" focuses on the following main questions:

  • Is the increase in rules, regulations and legal measures to strenghten judicial bodies at the expence of politics and public management?
  • If ever increasing areas of society is governed by rules and regulations, is this caused by changing frameworks or through direct involvement?
  • Does juridification increase or decrease the political space?
  • Can a society be strengtened solely by judicial means or are there limitis to legal governance?
  • Has individual freedom been strenghtened or diminished?


"Juridification in Society" mainly consists of staff from the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, but also includes researchers from Nordland Reseach Institute  and the Institute for Social Research.

Tags: rettssosiologi, forskningsprosjekt
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