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  • Research administration
  • Web editor at PluriCourts


Fosse holds a Masters degree in criminology from the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo. She has previously worked as a research assistant for the ERC funded project Crime Control in the Borderlands of Europe

Tags: Research administration, Cristin, External funding, Research communikation, Web publishing


  • Lohne, Kjersti; Ystehede, Per Jørgen & Fosse, Marit (2016). Global criminal law-making – a Western industry? [Business/trade/industry journal]. Science Nordic.
  • Lohne, Kjersti; Ystehede, Per Jørgen & Fosse, Marit (2016). Global strafferett – en vestlig industri? [Internet].
  • Ystehede, Per Jørgen; Fosse, Marit; Mohn, Sigmund Book & Franko, Katja (2016). Fra kontroll av svensker til kontroll av syrere. [Internet].
  • Fosse, Marit; Franko, Katja & Mohn, Sigmund Book (2015). Utvisning fra Norge blir brukt som straff. [Internet].

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