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Lee A. Bygrave was born in 1963. He was awarded a Doctorate of Laws (dr. juris) at the University of Oslo in 2000. Prior to this, he was awarded the degrees of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 1985 and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) in 1989 – both from the Australian National University, Canberra. He is currently Professor at the Department of Private Law, University of Oslo.

Within the Department of Private Law, Bygrave is currently Director of the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law. He is additionally a research associate (formerly founding co-director) of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

His teaching appointments range across numerous institutions, including the universities of Vienna, Stockholm, Tilburg, Tartu, New South Wales and Oslo. At the latter, Bygrave is one of the principal teachers of the LL.M. program in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Law. He is also in charge of teaching English law of contract.

For the past three decades, Bygrave has been deeply involved in research and policy development of ICT regulation. He has functioned as expert advisor on various aspects of ICT regulatory policy for the European Commission, Nordic Council of Ministers, Computer Science and Technology Board of the US National Academies, UK House of Lords Committee on the Constitution, Norwegian Government, Telenor, and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Bygrave has published particularly extensively within the field of privacy/data protection law where his two principal books on the subject – Data Protection Law: Approaching Its Rationale, Logic and Limits (Kluwer Law International, 2002) and Data Privacy Law: An International Perspective (Oxford University Press, 2014) – are widely acknowledged as standard international texts.

Much of his current research focuses on internet regulation. He is co-author and principle editor of Internet Governance: Infrastructure and Institutions (Oxford University Press, 2009), and he heads a major research project, “Security in Internet Governance and Networks: Analysing the Law”, with funding from the Norwegian Research Council and UNINETT Norid AS. His most recent book – Internet Governance by Contract (Oxford University Press, 2015) – critically examines the contractual frameworks for the development and use of internet infrastructure.

Bygrave serves on the editorial boards of Oslo Law Review, Computer Law & Security Review (Elsevier), Internet Policy Review (Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society) and International Data Privacy Law (Oxford University Press).

Special fields

• Privacy and data protection law
• Internet governance
• Information security
• Computer crime
• Intellectual property law
• Private international law
• Alternative dispute resolution

Tags: China, USA, Brazil, Russia


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