Staff - Department of Private Law

The list contains 92 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ahlström, Hanna Christina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859302 Company Law, European Law, Sustainable development, International Environmental Law, International Financial Law
Andenas, Mads Professor of Law +47 22859382 46624550 (mob) +4746624550
Andersen, Petter Ludvig Executive Officer +47-22850101
Anker-Sørensen, Linn Cecilie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859324
Asland, John Head of Department +47-22859775
Bekkedal, Tarjei Professor +47-22859601 European Law
Bergsåker, Trygve Professor +47-22859703
Bianco, Giuseppe Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859732
Blandhol, Sverre Professor +47 900 37 326 Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, Ethics
Bobev, Tervel Research Assistant
Bojarski, Lukasz Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859644
Bruserud, Herman Associate Professor +47-22859705
Bull, Kirsti Strøm Professor Emerita +47-22859341
Bygrave, Lee Andrew Professor +47-22859339 China, USA, Brazil, Russia
Chernykh, Yuliya Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859041 International investment law, international trade
Christoffersen, Margrethe Buskerud Associate Professor +47-22859735 +47-91864768 Contract Law, Company Law, Prosessrett
Cordero-Moss, Giuditta Professor +47 - 22 85 97 37
Cullen, Jay Adjunct Research Professor
Curos, Peter Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859678
Dag Wiese, Schartum Professor +4722850077
Davis, Peter Alexander Earls Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859730
Dobos, Eva Adviser +47-22859316 +47-95144481 (mob)
Eide, Erling Professor +47-22859736
Ellingsæter, Sjur Swensen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859290
Esayas, Samson Yoseph Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850034