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Picture of Mads Andenæs Andenæs, Mads Professor +47 22859382 +4746624550
Picture of John Asland Asland, John Head of Department +47 22859775
Picture of Tarjei Bekkedal Bekkedal, Tarjei Professor +47 22859601 European Law
Picture of Trygve Bergsåker Bergsåker, Trygve Professor Emeritus +47-22859703
Picture of Lukasz Bojarski Bojarski, Lukasz Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859644
Picture of Herman Bruserud Bruserud, Herman Associate Professor +47 22859705
Picture of Kirsti Strøm Bull Bull, Kirsti Strøm Professor Emerita +47-22859341
Picture of Lee Andrew Bygrave Bygrave, Lee Andrew Professor +47 22859339 China, USA, Brazil, Russia
Bø, Øyvind Doctoral Research Fellow EEA law, Social security
Picture of Margrethe Buskerud Christoffersen Christoffersen, Margrethe Buskerud Professor +47 22859735 +47-91864768 Contract Law, Company Law, Prosessrett
Picture of Giuditta  Cordero-Moss Cordero-Moss, Giuditta Professor +47-22859737
Picture of Jay Cullen Cullen, Jay Adjunct Research Professor
Picture of Peter Curos Curos, Peter Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22859678
Picture of Peter Alexander Earls Davis Davis, Peter Alexander Earls Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859730
Picture of Erling Eide Eide, Erling Professor Emeritus +47-22859736
Picture of Anne-Beth Meidell Engan Engan, Anne-Beth Meidell Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859326 +47 920 820 18 labour law, Tort Law, Contract Law, Civil procedure
Picture of Stein Evju Evju, Stein Emeritus professor +47-22859325 +47-90982695
Folkow, Eva Viktoria Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845842 +47 90853724 labour rights
Picture of Katrine Kjærheim Fredwall Fredwall, Katrine Kjærheim Associate Professor +47 22859704 family law, personal law
Picture of Hanna Vik Furuseth Furuseth, Hanna Vik Doctoral Researcher (Leave 1.1. - 31.10.2022) +47-22859725 +47 47069887 labour law, European Law
Picture of Daniel Gervais Gervais, Daniel Adjunct Research Professor
Picture of Hans Petter Graver Graver, Hans Petter Professor +47-22859739 +47-90606085
Picture of Birgitte Hagland Hagland, Birgitte Professor +47 22859688
Hambro, Peter Edward
Picture of Renate Iren Johannessen Heggelund Heggelund, Renate Iren Johannessen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850084 +47 900 64 647