About the research

The Faculty of Law has a broad research profile that includes the classical fields of Private and Public Law, Human Rights, Maritime Law, Criminology and Sociology of Law. As well as meeting the highest international academic standards, our research has a strong impact and relevance in society.

Top priority research areas

The Faculty has identified eight multidiciplinary reserach areas which are given top priority. These are:

  • Constitutional Studies 
  • The Market, Innovation, and Technology 
  • Social Controll, and Rule of Law 
  • International Relations 
  • Natural Resources Law 
  • Law, Society and Historical Change 
  • Rights, Individuals, Culture and Society 
  • Human Rights and Development

Within each of these fields the Dean has appointed a Research Group. These groups have various host Departments, and are evaluated after a period of four years. By creating these Research Groups the Faculty wishes to strenghten cross diciplinary research, encourage good research leadership, provide a supportive research environment for junior and senior scholars, and generate platforms for externally funded research as well as participation in international academic networks.

Research strategy and aims

  1. To increase the extent and quality of the reasearch carried out at the Faculty
  2. To establish more projects that are externally funded
  3. To stimulate research fields that cross academic diciplins and national borders
  4. To publish more both nationally and internationally
  5. To encourage a more active and efficient research leadership
  6. To strenghten the Ph.D. program and include the Ph.D. candidates in all research activitiy at the Faculty
Published Nov. 13, 2009 4:14 PM - Last modified Nov. 13, 2009 5:25 PM