Information for visiting scholars

The Faculty of Law can host visiting researchers that are employed by a higher education institution and wish to do research at one of the Faculty's institutes. The Faculty of Law does not provide for paid fellowships.

Application procedure

Applications will be evaluated taking into account the scientific quality of listed publications and presentations, references of the applicant and hosting capacities of the different departments of the faculty.

Therefore, applications should comprise:

  • A cover letter with:
    • information on the proposed date for staying at the faculty
    • a brief description of a research plan, indicating the specific fields of interest (possibly linked to the research field of a specific department at the faculty)
    • a confirmation of received funding
    • name of faculty contact at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law.
  • CV
  • 2 relevant references

Applications that do not contain this information, can not be guaranteed consideration.

Applications should be sent to

For visiting scholars interested in Norwegian Center for Human Rights, please visit this website.


Visa applications

It is the applicant's own responsibility to collect the necessary visa.


Please contact your host department for advice on accomodation, and see the central University administration webpages for more information.



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