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Thesis, evaluation and public defence - PhD

The thesis: requirements and guidelines

  • Form, length, language, extended abstract
  • Co-author
  • Time use
  • Guidelines and resources
  • Publicizing the thesis

Submission and printing

  • When do you submit?
  • Where do you submit the thesis?
  • What is the submission format?
  • What happens after you submit?
  • Rejected thesis – resubmission
  • Printing

Adjudication of the thesis

  • Who performs the adjudication?
  • How long does it take?
  • The recommendation
  • How do you appeal?

Trial lecture and public defence

  • Trial lecture and information about adjudication
  • Public defence and information about adjudication

Doctoral dinner and conferral of the PhD degree

You are under no obligation to host a doctoral dinner, but it is common practice to have some form of celebration.

At the conferral ceremony, the Rector will confer the degree of philosophiae doctor on you from the University of Oslo.

Information for the chair of the defence and for the adjudication committee