Reading rooms and discussion rooms

Approx. 1,500 reading-room places and 21 discussion rooms are reserved for students attending the Faculty of Law.

COVID19 and seat reservation

Reading rooms in our buildings have re-opened. However, you are required to reserve a seat before you enter the premises. This is one of several measures to reduce the risk of the corona virus spreading.

Reading room capacity has been reduced in order to maintain distance between students.

How to reserve a seat:

  • A reservation is valid for one day at a time
  • You may book three days in advance
  • Reserve your seat. You will also find a link in My Studies, under Shortcuts. Also see our video guide
  • The first digit in your seat number will tell you on what floor the reading room is situated. Digit number two is the reading room number

Domus Juridica

Opening hours: 0500-2400 weekdays. After 1600 only with a valid student card.

Reading rooms, and discussion and group rooms

Domus Media – West Wing

Opening hours: 0800-2100 weekdays. 0800-1800 Saturdays.

Reading room places: Lucy Smith Hall

You will find the Central Building here

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