Free movement of services - EU law and member states' responses: convergence or conflict?

The conference is a part of the FORMULA project, "Free movement, labour market regulation and multilevel governance in an enlarged EU/EEA - a Nordic and comparative perspective", which is funded by the Research Council of Norway

The FORMULA Conference in 2009 was devoted to the genesis of the Posted Workers Directive and the Services Directive and the role of different actors at the national and international levels in those processes.

The conference this year will focus on the various national responses to this European legislation and its development and application in the case law of the ECJ, in particular the cases Viking Line, Laval, Rüffert and Luxembourg.

The very different approaches across the countries studied – the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland – will be seen to reflect differing legal traditions and industrial relations features. Prominent researchers in the field will discuss the findings presented by the project’s team of researchers.

The conference will be for one and a half day. The conference fee is set at 875 NOK (abt. 110 €), which includes lunch and refreshment both days.

Program (html)
Program (pdf)

Working Papers

The powerpoint presentations from the conference are now available:


See the project's website for more information about the FORMULA project, papers from the 2009 conference and draft papers for the up-coming conference and the project team.


Contact information: Bodil Silset -, phone +47 22 85 97 63


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