2nd SIGNAL Symposium

This symposium explores some of the myriad borders – legal, geopolitical, technical and conceptual – that inhere in, frame or catalyze regulatory challenges in the areas of cybersecurity and data privacy. The symposium is the second of four annual conferences that are being held under the aegis of the research project ‘Security in Internet Governance and Networks: Analyzing the Law’ (SIGNAL).

Detailed program

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The SIGNAL project is run by the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL) in collaboration with several partner institutions. It is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and UNINETT Norid AS.


See further: http://www.jus.uio.no/ifp/english/research/projects/nrccl/signal/



Registration by 13.00 PM on the 15th of June  – Registration form

Attendance at the symposium is gratis but requires binding registration due to limited places and refreshments being served.



The symposium will be preceded on Wednesday 20 June by a roundtable discussion session for invited experts only, at the Department of Private Law, University of Oslo.

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