A meeting with KROM

As one of the social events of the European Group in Oslo - we invite the conference participants to a meeting with KROM - The Norwegian Association for Penal Reform.

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KROM was founded in 1968, and participated at the founding meeting of The European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control in 1973.

Several people will give short descriptions of KROM and KROM's work. These will later be presented in our journal KROM-NYTT (KROM-NEWS), for the benefit of prisoners from other countries.


Thomas Mathiesen (One of the founders, member of Political Committee):
Welcome - what triggered us - the first years
Sturla Falck (Past board member): Later years
Mikkel Haugerud (Board member): What are we up to now?

Ole Kristian Hjemdal (Past board member): What are we struggling against today? A mini-lecture on increased punishments
Bente Roli (Past and present board member): one of KROM'S children - the Law Bus.
Astrid Renland (Board member): The drug issue
Knut Papendorf (Past board member): KROM abroad

Moderator (Past board member): Aslak Syse

Each presentation will app be 5 minutes. Afterwards there will be questions. answers and discussion.

There will also be served a light meal.

Representatives of The Law Bus will be present, and take part in the discussion.

The other conference participants visiting other social events will join later.

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