Does the law protect wildlife?

Invitation to seminar presenting results from the research project Criminal Justice, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Rights in the Anthropocene, September 7th 2021.

In this seminar we present results from our research concerning the implementation and enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the Bern convention (the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Wildlife habitats), in Norway, Germany, Spain and the UK.

The event will be streamed via zoom - please press this link.  

Physical presence is due to Covid-19 restrictions limited to 18 persons. First come, first served.

Please register for your participation here (Form is in Norwegian and English)  

PLEASE NOTE: You only need to register if you are planning to physically attend.


10.45. Mingling with refreshments

11.00. Professor Ragnhild Sollund: Welcome and presentation of the research project CRIMEANTHROP: Criminal Justice, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Rights in the Anthropocene

11.15 Professor Christoph Stefes: Presentation of research from Germany: Wildlife Protection in Germany: Sound Legislation and Deficient Implementation

11.35 Questions and comments

11.45 Associate professor Teresa Fajardo de Castillo: Presentation of research from Spain: Wolf (Dis)Protection in Spain: Exceptions to the Rules in the Bern Convention and in The Habitats Directive as a Conservation and Management Tool

12.05 Questions and comments.  

12.15 Professor Tanya Wyatt: Presentation of research from the UK: The Bern Convention and CITES in the UK: an exploration of norms and ambiguities

12.35 Questions and comments

12.45. Coffee

13.00 Research fellow Martine Lie: Presentation of research from Norway: “Humane Theriocides”: Traces of Compassion for Animals in the Norwegian Legal Discourse on Illegal Bear and Wolf Killings

13.20 Questions and comments

13.30 Post.doc. David R. Goyes: Presentation of research from Norway: Ratification, so what? The Norwegian adoption of international wildlife law

 13.50 Questions and comments

14.05 Professor Ragnhild Sollund. Presentation of research from Norway: The Development of Enforcement of CITES in Norway: Discretionary Omissions and Theoricides

14.25 Questions and comments

14.35-14.45 Ragnhild Sollund Winding up and the way forward

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