Punishment as banishment: a historic and a legal analysis

What type of punishment is deportation? And what is the legal and historical context of deportation?


About the project

Two master theseses shall study deportation from a legal and from a historical perspective respectively.


Although it is at present experiencing a renewed importance as a criminal sanction, deportation is by no means a historic novelty. The historic part of the project shall provide an overview of development of deportation of criminal others in modern and pre-modern Europe. Methodologically, it will be primarily a literature review of the relevant studies in the field.


The subject of the legal thesis will be deportation as a criminal sanction in Norway. It will be an analysis of the legalisation, and its changes in recent times, a statistical overview of the use deportation as a sanction, as well as a juridical analysis of selected court judgements. The objective is to map the conditions under which deportation is used today, and what the main considerations in the process are. Under what conditions are people sentenced to deportation and how is deportation administered in relation to other (alternative and supplementary) criminal sanctions?



This sub-project is part of "Crime Control in the Borderlands of Europe" funded by the European Research Council.

Published June 16, 2016 9:38 AM - Last modified June 21, 2016 12:45 PM