How migrants manage

(Self-) Representations of migrants

How does the policies designed and implemented 'from above' translate into realities 'from below'? - "The room she lives in upon return". Photo taken with disposable camera by Nigerian woman migrant returned from Europe.

About the project

Transnationalism from above and below: Migration management and how migrants manage (MIGMA) examines Norwegian attempts to return Nigerian migrants, enacting a project of exclusion and excision in the pursuit of governance.


MIGMA will offer a theoretically informed empirical exploration of legal instruments central to the sustainability of current migration management, and explore their effects and efficiency. The aim of the research is to contribute with knowledge relevant to Norwegian policy development, by linking Norwegian migration management to wider circuits of migration and understanding it in a broader comparative framework.


How migrants manage: (Self-) Representations of migrants allows for å study of how policies designed and implemented 'from above' translates into empirical realities 'from below' as they are experienced and narrated through popular culture in Nigeria, including Nigerian films, popular music and literature and as they are experienced and narrated by returnees from Europe in Nigeria.

Researchers involved

Postdoctoral researcher (UiO), Carling (PRIO).

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