At a wedding. A bride looks shocked.
Published Nov. 3, 2017 10:54 AM

Nigerian films will be in the spotlight for the very first time at Oslo's biggest film festival, the Films from the South Festival. Researchers from the MIGMA project at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law have been central in the film selection for the festival program.

Published Oct. 17, 2017 10:44 AM

Life-changing events happen to migrants on the road to Europe. Some migrants die trying to enter, whereas others are born migrants. How do migrants - and their researchers - account for such experiences?

Published Sep. 18, 2017 3:46 PM

Many refugees from Syria are trapped in a limbo in Turkey. They do not have formal refugee status and live in extremely difficult conditions, while the routes to Europe are blocked.

Picture of panelists discussing push factors for migration.
Published Sep. 11, 2017 8:34 AM

Nigerians count for one of the larger migrant groups arriving in Europe today. What do they migrate from? And what do they return to? A seminar on Nigeria, arranged by MIGMA, set out to find answer to these questions.

Published Aug. 18, 2017 9:30 AM

Popular culture can give important insights into migration processes. Studying popular culture allows researchers to move beyond the host state perspective that remains so dominant in migration studies, and get a better understanding of migration experience and migrant perspectives.

Özlem Gurakar Skribeland
Published Sep. 6, 2016 2:03 PM

This March, Turkey and the EU reached an agreement that migrants entering Greece irregularly from Turkey would be sent back to Turkey. In return, Turkey will get economic resources from the EU. This is only one example on how states cooperate on migration management and has caught the interest of IKRS researcher Özlem Gurakar-Skribeland.

Published Mar. 30, 2016 8:59 AM

Information about the postdoc project to be part of the project Transnationalism from above and below: Migration management and how migrants manage (MIGMA).