Conference and book launch: Justice and Security in the 21st Century: Risks, Rights and the Rule of Law

Welcome to the closing conference for the research project Justice in the Risk Society and the book launch of "Justice and Security in the 21st Century". The conference will examine emerging trends and dilemmas in the constant challenge of enhancing security without undermining justice.

Enhancing security without undermining justice - an impossible balancing act? Goya's Una reina de circo o Disparate puntual. Source: Wiki commons.

The conference and book launch is open to the public.


09.30-10.00: Coffee

10.00-10.15: Welcome
Ragnhild Hennum, Professor and Vice-Rector, University of Oslo. Project manager, Justice in the Risk Society

Morning session

Chair: Heidi Mork Lomell

10.15-11.15:  The future perfect of (in)security (P6): Pro-activity, Pre-crime, Pre-emption, Prevention, Profiling, Prediction
Didier Bigo, Professor, King’s College London and Sciences-Po Paris

11.30-12.30:  Supranational Rule of Law in Europe and the State’s Claim to Legitimacy in the use of Violence
Elspeth Guild, Professor, Queen Mary University London and Radboud University Nijmegen

12.30-13.15: Lunch

Afternoon session I

Chair: Ragnhild Hennum

13.15-14.15:  Constitutions and state-of-exception - in risk-society and rule-of-law states
Inger Johanne Sand, Professor, University of Oslo

14.15-14.45:  The harmonized Europe? On the development of crime control in the EU
Synnøve Ugelvik, Research Fellow, University of Oslo. Project member, Justice in the Risk Society

14.45-15.15:  Coffee

Afternoon session II

Chair: Synnøve Ugelvik

15.15-15.45:  ‘Never Again July 22!’ The cry for prevention and the problem of sorting true and false positives
Heidi Mork Lomell, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Police University College. Project member, Justice in the Risk Society

15.45-16.45:  Securing justice: towards a cosmopolitan ethics
Barbara Hudson, Professor, University of Central Lancashire. International partner, Justice in the Risk Society

16.45-17.00:  Closing discussion

17.00:   Reception

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