Big Data in the Health Service (BigMed)

This Project will investigate the legal basis for using Big Data in health services. This includes diagnostics and treatment of patients based on data collection from various sources, including genetic analysis (Presicion Medicine).

Focus includes identification of legal issues, values, and value conflicts. In addition, the project will investigate whether there is a need for legislative amendments in order to introduce personalized medicine.

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About the project

The Department of Public and International Law is one of many partners in the big ICT project BigMed - A big data medical solution for precision medicine.

In BigMed, led by Erik Fosse at Oslo University Hospital (OUS), researchers will develop solutions for personalized medicine using Big Data and gene sequencing. The project will utilize the latest in ICT research both nationally and internationally to integrate and analyze large amounts of health data from various data sources, registers and databases.

The department's subproject will address the legal research questions. Within the legal research project, coordinated by the department and by the lawyers at OUS, a Nordic and Norwegian network is established with lawyers, from research communities, public administration, law firms, organizations. The network will have regular seminars.


Oslo University Hospital is the project owner. The project period is set to 2016-2020


The Research Council of Norway

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Project leader:

Anne Kjersti Befring

Administrative contact:

Guro Frostestad