Oslo Centre for Commercial Law

The Oslo Centre for Commercial Law (OCCL) was established in 2019, in cooperation between the Department of Private Law and the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, as an arena for research on and dissemination of commercial Law.

About the Centre

Our research covers a broad range of commercial legal subjects to be studied in context, disregarding traditional distinctions of private and public law. International commercial contracts give rise to research on contract law, international private law, concession law, intellectual property law, insurance law, tax law, company law, arbitration and dispute resolution and compliance, amongst others.

Exchange of ideas between academia and practising commercial lawyers, judges and government is particularly important in commercial law. An express aim of the Centre is to bring academia and practice together on a regular basis, as an arena for on-going discussions on key current legal issues. Bringing together different perspectives and approaches may foster new research questions and disseminate research to practitioners. A dynamic research environment will inspire younger generations to follow a career at the university.

The Centre has a Nordic profile and actively seeks cooperation with other Nordic centres for commercial law. We aim to strengthen the Nordic legal community within commercial law and to represent a Nordic voice in Europe and internationally. European networks within commercial law are also an important part of the Centre's activities.



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