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Our research

PluriCourts studies the legitimacy of international courts and tribunals (ICs) from legal, political science and philosophical perspectives. The centre explores the normative, legal and empirical soundness of charges of illegitimacy, to understand and assess how ICs do, could and should respond.

PluriCourts explores the multidimensional legitimacy standards  which include multilevel separation of authority, independence and accountability, performance and comparative advantages.

PluriCourts also aims to identify best practices and models to establish, improve or abolish ICs. 

Research News

Can law be a tool of transformative change?

Professor Dr. Christina Voigt dedicates her life and career to environmental law. This fall, she is organizing a high-level international conference on the transformative power of law. 


01 Feb.
12:15 PM, Zoom and Domus Juridica 7227
15 Feb.
12:15 PM, Zoom and Domus Juridica 7227