New NCHR cooperation on equality and non-discrimination in Indonesia

Elisabeth Bjørnstøl, Head of Equality and non-discrimination at the NCHR International Department visited Indonesia last week in order to initiate a new cooperation programme on legal aid for women and disabled people in Indonesia.

Photo of Elisabeth Bjørnstøl Head of Equality and non-discrimination at the NCHR International Department together with Indonesian partners

Elisabeth Bjørnstøl together with Indonesian partners in the legal aid cooperation programme 

The programme is a large-scale cooperation with the Indonesian CSO Consortium for the Justice Sector and Civic-Space Sector led by Indonesia Judicial Research Society (IJRS) in partnership with Indonesia Legal Aid Association for Women (LBH APIK), Indonesia Legal and Human Rights Aid Community (PBHI) and Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI).

The Consortium works to safeguard the achievement of implementation programs and plans on legal aid to vulnerable groups under the National Action Plan for Open Government in Indonesia (NAP OGI) for the justice and civic-space sectors. Indonesia Judicial Research Society acts as head of the Consortium, and has the coordinating role of the cooperation programme with the NCHR.

The overall purpose of the cooperation is to contribute to increased accessibility to legal aid for women and persons with disabilities in Indonesia and to contribute to increased Indonesian capacity to offer legal aid to these groups. In order to achieve this, the consortium will conduct legal needs assessments among the target groups, propose an initiative program for developing guidelines regarding legal aid services, design training materials and develop education on legal aid for these groups.

While in Indonesia, Ms. Bjørnstøl also had the opportunity to meet with other researchers and organisations working in the field of equality and non-discrimination both in Jakarta and in Yogyakarta.


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Published July 29, 2022 1:16 PM - Last modified July 29, 2022 2:22 PM