About The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

The Norwegian Centre for Human rights is an academic multi- and interdisciplinary centre at the Faculty of Law, at the University of Oslo.

Centre statutes

Centre Strategy 2022-2030

(Centre activity plan will be published here)

  • The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights is a multi- and interdisciplinary centre. Through research, teaching, and dissemination, the Centre shall promote the subject of human rights as an academic field, and strengthen its international position as a central actor and attractive collaborative partner within the human rights field. The NCHR emphasizes the connection between research, education, and practical application, among other things through international projects and programmes.
  • The Centre publishes the Nordic Journal of Human Rights.
  • The Centre offers several educational activities. The most important are the two-year Master programme in ‘The Theory and Practice of Human Rights’, and a one-week intensive course in Human Rights. The Centre is also involved in the teaching of human rights and international humanitarian law for both law and other students at the University of Oslo.
  • The International Department at the Centre is in charge of applied human rights work and competence building through an agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

NCHR Leadership group

Bård Anders Andreassen  Head of department

Jakob Elster Head of research

Peris S Jones Head of Education

Zenia Chrysostomidis Head of International Department

Teis Daniel Kjelling Head of Administration

Where to find the NCHR