About The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

Statutes of The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) 

The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) is a multidisciplinary Centre at the University of Oslo. With a turnover of NOK 40 million, its activities are based upon research and teaching, in addition to the activities as a host for several international programmes.

  • NCHR is internationally recognised as a leading research institution in the field of human rights with research staff including lawyers, political scientists, social anthropologists, social geographers and philosophers.
  • The NCHR edits the Nordic Journal of Human Rights.
  • NCHR’s two-year Master programme in ‘The Theory and Practice of Human Rights’ is well-established. NCHR is also involved in the teaching of human rights and international humanitarian law for law students and other students at the University of Oslo.
  • NCHR’s International Department is responsible for the applied human rights work through an agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


NCHR Leadership group

Gentian Zyberi Head of department

Bård Anders Andreassen Deputy Head of department, and Head of research

Peris S Jones Head of Education

Kathrine Raadim Head of International Department

Teis Daniel Kjelling Head of Administration

Where to find the NCHR