Issue 3-4, 2010

Editorial Note

Bård Anders Andreassen and Jo Stigen


Jørgen Aall, 'Waiver of Human Rights: Setting the Scene (I/III)', pp. 300-370.

Malcolm Langford and Sevda Clark, 'New Kids on the Block: A Complaints Procedure for the Convention on the Rights of the Child', pp. 371-400.

Stien Evju, 'Application by Domestic Courts of the European Social Charter', pp. 401-421.

Lise Cecile Kleppe and Eivind Engebretsen, 'Professional Responsibilty and Human Rights at Aslyum Reception Centres', pp. 422-437.

Book Reviews

'Yuval Ginbar (2010): Why not Torture Terrorists? Moral, Practical and Legal Aspects of the "Ticking Bomb" Justification for Torture', Reviewed by Heidi Mork Lomell.

'Peter Cane, Carolyn Evans and Zoe Robinson (eds) (2008): Law and Religion in Theoretical and Historical Contexts', Reviewed by Helge Årsheim.



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