Issue 2-3, 2011

Sexuality rights under the ECHR; the Finnmark Act of 2005; and the concluding articles of the Waiver and Human Rights series

Editorial Note

Bård Anders Andreassen and Jo Stigen


Eirik Bjorge, 'Sexuality Rights under the European Convention on Human Rights', pp. 158-183.

Øyvind Ravna, 'The Finnmark Act 2005 Clarification Process and Trial "Within a Reasonable Time", pp. 184-205.

Jørgen Aall, 'Waiver of Human Rights: Waiver of Procedural Rights According to ECHR Article 6 (Part III/III)', pp. 206-278.

Jørgen Aall, 'Waiver of Human Rights: Conclusions', pp. 279-290.

Book Reviews

'Charles Beitz (2009): The Idea of Human Rights', Reviewed by Tore Lindholm.

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